This website is primarily designed to publicize David Andrews-Brown's availability for freelance scripting and voiceovers, and to report on the progress of his three current manuscripts, A Pilgrim in the Holy LandReflections in Jerusalem, and Slow Boat to Brazil.  (See NARRATION and BOOKS pages.)


Born in 1936 at Sutton Coldfield, then part of Warwickshire in England, David spent several of the war years at St Bede's Preparatory School, then at Spode House, adjoining Hawkesyard Priory near Rugely in Staffordshire.  The school moved to Bishton Hall, Wolseley Bridge (in the same county) in 1946, and closed in 2018.


His father, returning to England following service as an officer in the Royal Air Force, decided to emigrate to South Africa, sailing there in 1946 to prepare the way for the rest of the family to follow in the following year.  This was an unsettling experience for David, and at the age of 14 he worked his way back to England as a deck hand in the liner Winchester Castle, before becoming a cadet in training for the Merchant Navy. (See HMS CONWAY page.)  After a few years at sea he returned to South Africa, eventually deciding on a career in radio broadcasting.  He soon specialized in documentaries (See HOME and MEDIA EXPERIENCE pages), most of these feature programmes having concerned Israel-Palestine.  (See THE HOLY LAND page, on which there is a selection of photographs illustrating the Land of the Bible.)


David has since lived in The Netherlands and Israel, finally settling in France some 26 years ago.


He speaks French, Spanish and Dutch, and has a good working knowledge of Italian. Although officially retired at the age of 82, David has returned to freelance writing and occasional broadcasting.  He also teaches Christian Culture at the Collège Sainte Marie in the Cathedral City of Meaux, and sings with the school choir, which is simultaneously the official Maîtrise of the cathedral.




The summer scene, which illustrates the header of this website, was captured by David Andrews-Brown at St Jacut-de-la-Mer, on the north coast  of Britanny, where friends have a holiday house.  The photograph reflects his love of France, where he has lived since 1992, and where he feels spiritually and culturally at home.