Events which David has been able to describe, as a journalist, include those at the Vatican in 1978 when two popes were elected in astonishingly quick succession. (See PAPAL SEA CHANGE page.)  


His transatlantic crossing, in the 15-metre ketch Sandefjord, is briefly described on the page titled SANDEFJORD, and this experience enabled him to compile and present radio documentaries on the mid-Atlantic island of St Helena, and on Rio de Janeiro, as well as on the Atlantic crossing itself.


In Israel he twice interviewed the archeologist Yigael Yadin (on his excavations at Masada, and on the oldest phylacteries ever discovered) and the former Israeli President Chaim Hertzog (on the Six Day War of 1967, and on the legendary Blue Box of the Jewish National Fund.)


Among other distinguished persons, he has interviewed Charlton Heston, Henry Cabot Lodge, Joyce Grenfell, Margaret Mead, Vincent Willem van Gogh (nephew of the celebrated painter), the recently reelected Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, the then Israeli Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren and several Princes of the (Catholic) Church, that is to say cardinals.  (See A PAPAL SEA CHANGE page.)


David's radio documentaries and special reports on Israel and neighbouring countries include This Year in Jerusalem, I Will Plant in the Wilderness, Vistas of Peace, Christian Refugees in Lebanon, Sinai Settlers Resettled, and The Monastery of St Catherine as well as over 200 weekly features in his 1980s South African radio series Cameos of the Holy Land. 


Other feature programmes have included Song of Lubavitch (on the Lubavitch-Chabad Hassidic community), Sails in the South (on yachting in South Africa), The South African Merchant Navy, and The (South African) National Sea Rescue Institue.  


While on the staff of CBN (the Christian Broadcasting Network) as a news co-presenter and journalist with Middle East Television in Jerusalem, David was the 1987 recipient of the CBN Presidents's Award for Excellence. 


In print journalism, he has written for the Tonight! supplement of The Star in Johannesburg, the South African Catholic weekly The Southern Cross, the now defunct South African news magazine To the Point, the Diner's Club magazine Signature, the British Catholic weekly The Tablet and Catholic New York.  He wrote a monthly column for the Christian (magazine) edition of The Jerusalem Post until that magazine unexpectedly ceased publication in February, 2018.  (See page titled RECENT MEDIA ASSIGNMENTS.)   







The summer scene, which illustrates the header of this website, was captured by David Andrews-Brown at St Jacut-de-la-Mer, on the north coast  of Britanny, where friends have a holiday house.  The photograph reflects his love of France, where he has lived since 1992, and where he feels spiritually and culturally at home.